Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jazz music is essential

Listened to the music show on the ABC Radio National which interviewed Jazz legend Wayne Shorter and was blown away...interview Wayne Shorter                       I am so influenced like most of us by music and especially by JAZZ.  The interview covers the life and influences that shaped Mr. Shorter musical career. Additionally searching the website I also found the artists website Wayne Shorter.                                                     Must listen to this interview

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Skeleton craft wheels

The flying craft was fitted with landing gear in hopes of a soft and technical landing, this was later scrapped due to my partner suggesting more suggestive of an underwater craft, that is the submarine to look like a flying sub not a flying aero plane. This stage of the work is most exciting as the skin begins to be suggestive and has x-ray quality. I want to do more of  this.  The inspiration was the Spirit of St.Louis,  Lindbergh's plane during the crossing of the Trans-Atlantic.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Blink and you missed it., more to come

The culmination of an effort that saw a work go up and come down, a success as one sculptor tries to encourage freedom of speech and freedom of expression despite obstacles continually put in the way to "what ever you do don't disturb the guests"  What a joke.  What about the support of artists? Far from it.  Pretty good to silence a room, must have had the impact it was intended.  Thanks to my mates new and old.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Underwear: a work of laundry hanging

Here is the shadow which says it all.... Submarine,  Isn't it funny how the cave painters influence your work study them, admire them and find the notion of shadows on the wall return to inform the three dimensional work.  Defining an image that is what a shadow does. Far out. I love the illusion of real, Photoshop by Lynda both images real, combined to tell a story. for more images and the progress of the work.....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A joint to start the ideas off :pivot

The original idea of Underwear was from the beginning to have a joint.  That is the pivot point at the bottom for the work to be effected  by the weather.  I had the idea for this work to be moved by the wind and to have the feeling that it was unstable.  This then became a worry due to the mechanical engineering required and what materials would be used.  I first thought of having a spring, then spring like resistance to and from the armature that would be in the ground, and lastly agreed with my mate Lloyd about using a torsion bar inside the existing steel armature.  This has been a satisfactory outcome as the work is swaying back and forth and of course moves with an airfoil wing reaching into the air nearly 5 meters off the ground. 

Scale is everything. The human scale is everything. and as I look for the next work to begin I can say success is determined by intent and form colliding.  The counterbalance is not only off center away from forward but also off center away side to side, this has the effect of the work pointing toward the ground.  The intent of the wing striking the ground and tip holding up the work was intended to position the sub in an altered state and create new meaning by hanging the fuselage up above the viewers head to underscore Underwear- Underwhere.  Anyone who knows me knows my indifference to politics and word play.  I also have a simple life.  ha  Well maybe neither of those is true, I do go on.

"Underwear" 2015 Recycled shipping pine/hardwood pallets

Underwear started with a joint

Monday, September 14, 2015

sleeping dogs have crusty eyes.....

Well how long has it been,,,,,,years oh well lot has happened so where do i start?

start with today,,, new prime minister? ahhhhh too bad tony, australia just didn't approve of your amature hour,,,, what did not make it to the specified time to receive your pention? How does that feel? maybe close to all the lives you wrecked with all the crap you caused in your austerity,,,

Lighfboat 2014-15
Sculpture on the Edge joint winner First Prize
Bay Islands Exhibition First Prize