"Jour de Soleil" by Nicholas Alqin 1987 wood from Sculpture: The World Expo 88 Collection. (Day of Sun) became our inspiration for a new art work

The work came about from a class I taught as a pre-service teacher at Burnside State High School on the Sunshine Coast.  We chose a piece of sculpture that was interesting and developed the idea for our new language.
see http://nicolasalquin.com/ as a more complete viewing of the artist's work.

We studied the woodcarving and gave the parts of the work a name. "This represents the sun...This could be the heart or something vital to the object..." this was the point of interpreting what we were going to build.

The drawings that followed were a running log of what was in my head.... and I was able to demonstrate the logic/illogical progression that is the art process. This was interesting because the students were wondering what I was thinking...very strange but interesting to them.

I stressed to the students the difference in the art process compared to the process of man arts.
 One is about change and the other is about following a prescribed outcome.

The end result often is somewhere other than what we started out to build.  Evolution in the making.

It is similar to planting a seed and watching it grow, we never fully know what surprises will arise.