I found this link in a web search for "art is risk" on youtube and wanted to share this.....
Blues Men T-Bone Walker, Willie Dixon and more in a german edited version very

Missouri Moving On
Ok now this is where I am from and this is a band called Missouri and what a great song..must listen to....ask what memories come with this song and I will write a book!!!!!

Bad Co
or if you like bad company they did this version of Movin On...good stuff too

Country Joe McDonald - "Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die"

 with the classic relevant today tomorrow and forever as long as we fight each other...

shooting star...hang on for your life...check it out!
Last chance
Ozark Mountain Daredevils
chicken train
If you want to get to heaven
country girl
raise a little hell
April Wine
Just between  you and me
Sign of the gypsy queen