Archive of works

This is what the studio looked like in North Carolina on a barrier island called Topsail Island.  I lived in a town called Surf City where many Californians took offense because the surf was little more than a bump on the ocean but was the fishing ever great!  I had a black lab that rode in the front of the canoe and served as the ballast keeping the bow in the water.  We canoed to the other side of the inlet to see the world didn't and we had a great time fishing and enjoying the great people of Topsail Island.

Ben Self rest in peace

This is a musical instrument similar in nature to the oud and upon completion... strings but fretless.  You may want to check out the turtle hospital, I carved a sea turtle for Jean Beasley's Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation center pictured below.

I completed my first web site back in 2000 and used a free hosting site that really did not suit but it was free so get what you pay for...too many ads as such and you can see for has a story of my journey outside America for the first time and it is a history of me backpacking and making art on the road.....The trip includes the road to Memphis, Tn, New Orleans and North Carolina, then off to Europe.

The time in North Carolina was spent initially as a builder, I worked as a carpenter getting the coast back on its feet after Fran ripped through Topsail Island.  The turtle hospital is there and this is the sculpture named by one of the children visiting as the "turtle angel".  It hangs in the hospital above the rehabilitating sea turtles.

There are some interesting places to go....try this

One of the things about living in a place where there are always hurricanes is the need to be ready to pack and go!

This was the start of the bird sculptures that mostly hung in the wind and as I studied the natural surroundings I started thinking about flight....this applied to the water and underwater flight.

funny this stuff....this is the place where the Wright Brothers tested their planes(first flight)....Kill Devil Hills, NC