Tuesday, April 26, 2011

simple rotation

This was in Chinchilla and thought this was important to look at from the standpoint of simple wheel turns over time and that has evidence on the rocks as they accumulate algae from the gray water evaporative process.

The state of affairs in the United States is more evident of crisis control and the age of history has seen repeat patterns as with the symptoms of Europe and the bank bail outs... all feeding the corporations and yet as we look numbly at the politicians in hopes they have answers to the complex problems across the board...we wait.,.. and of course who are they are out to satisfy?    They fulfill the requests of the power..not the people...................................yet.  Don't take my word on this  www.gregwindsorwrites.blogspot.com 
See Chomsky in his brilliance.

Another example of what can be possible for the rotation of a sketch of centrifugal force. Why am I interested in something so simple?

the cam, the movement of the circle,  the suggestion of just off center......asymmetrical these are my interests....

I am working on the whirligig as a simple foundation from this you get the high tech, and the building starts 

Reading "On Beauty" A History of a Western Idea
Umberto Eco
Incredible insight......really comprehensive study of what may or may not be considered beauty....and it covers heaps of painting and the plastic arts....good read..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiration comes from your PIERS

,Wow what an incredible POST...real mentor and established artist...my peers are those who inform and challenge me and of course are like minded.  although you may ask what about difference? yes these too inform us and keep us open to the possibility of change.!

OK look I just found this, additional to the video below, it is a presentation of ball bearings used in George Rickey's sculptures.  Dan Lewis is the presenter, it is a bit long but has good information as to how the master of kinetic sculpture used bearings to create his illusions. I am interested in the mechanics of motion and this tells some important secrets.

Looking around to find ideas for a piece of sculpture and the use of line and motion to incorporate into the sculpture the students will make, it has to hold weight and this video is something that has me thinking.  The sculpture will need to be durable for outdoor installation.  The use of wood is great, I especially like the use of the cam which is the key to motion on a linear shaft,...all this is repetition and the use of similar shapes,...quite nice and easy really it is just like Rueben says that the work is several ideas,... some successful and some not, all these are really prototypes that make their way along all at the same time, some are just more enticing as they reveal themselves..........energy and motion, wind and water, how many times have these been visited by inventors and artists and engineers? but not by me, so that is why I am looking down this alley, who knows the experiences that I have accumulated could be a wacky connection that produces an original idea, or something like that,.......any ideas of where this could go? send them..will entertain,...and  maybe it could influence the works direction.

Just like to thank all those people who have visited the blog and... if you like what you are seeing, then just click on... and follow, that would be a big boost! I am wondering if stainless steel is a better material to use than Aluminium? It just gets harder to fabricate without the equipment to do so,...got tools your not using the studio is coming along.

I am starting a workshop in Nambour for those of you who want to have a go and make things, I will be starting out using sheet metal and I think we should start with whirligigs to explore and then on to bigger and better things, we hope to have a bandsaw and other workshop tools coming soon..any questions contact me and I will share with you the projects...ta

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Simple is best

It seems the more I look around the more I find with simple designed energy harnessing machines...I just love the fact that we still look toward sustainable energy for inspiration yet the majority of us are comfortable with the same reliable spoon fed old tech.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wind and Water a 3D sketch

The work in is in the gallery in Nambour called SCAIP.  It stands for Sunshine Coast Arts Industy Precinct.  It is a community gallery for the young and old, with many opportunities for the exploration of the arts.  It is a great idea to allow young artists to have access to the gallery and music facilities as well as promoting their work, and exploring alternative mediums, very hip and cool from this old blokes perspective.  Get in and see for yourself, Adam will assist you in what ever you can dream up!   contact the SCAIP gallery and get on facebook with the group.http://freaks-likeus.blogspot.com/ you can see the totem that is mounted on the outside of the shop.  It is carved from a good ole' aussie hardwood gumtree.  It is sealed with a polyurethane and stands out pretty good on the corner even my sister could see it from america.

This is from the Art Smelter a site by David Howard where he posts a review of works and have a look at the artists and their work...really nice presentation and informative...good stuff Dave.
http://artsmelter.blogspot.com/ thanks and hope all is well

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Flight of course" working 3D sketch

This is the present work....all this thinking and the puzzle becomes more interesting...balance is foremost, it is important where the center stays central to the process of construction..assemblage works for me...putting elements together as they materialise from thought.  What is possible?  Tools play an important role in the building and the doing...

This is the union now of two pieces that are joined by a pin with bearings that balance on an axis.
I am happy with the alignment and the way the suggestion of several angles of viewing are possible.

Does anyone know about the 'Men's Sheds'?
It would be good to do one in Nambour...!                                   anyone keen..?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greg Windsor :: BLOG: The Great Distraction

Greg Windsor :: BLOG: The Great Distraction: "We awoke from “The Great Distraction” naked.Reflection for Teachingby Greg Windsor It all began in a dingy damp basement with s..."

ok look this is what I am doing now..

This is the way I work.....balance...always work from the middle out...that is how the center is always the center...I think alot about air and water.... this is propeller and paddle or shovel scoop all that sort of thing..duality and metephor. coeexistence of all things to ponder do you