Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper works Mail Art send me your address!

This is envelopes mailing out to old friends as I have done since 1989 since being emersed in mail art and Mr .Ray Johnston or is it Johnson, I forget, they are a source of inspiration for the new works horizontal horizon.

"The Juggler" is on my website see gallery 2
Fire in the hands of gods...we (the artists) have the power to transform mountains into empires of humility.

I have initiated the first steps to the end of the world.  No the beginning of the end... no it is truly the first steps to "In the studio with the artist"  This video is the making of "the juggler" and has music to accompany it.  This is Burnside State High School on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  The sculpture is installed at the library in a courtyard and has moving parts; a whirligig and a bearing at the top for the magnifying glass that spins and twists.

There are also drawings of the process that I did to demonstrate the changing and adjusting of the creative process.  These drawings are a result of looking at an artist's work and deconstructing it and developing "our new language"


  1. Hi
    Well this looks fantastic Greg. Do you have more photos?

  2. GW - good to know you are out these - The Juggler is a great piece of work from many perspectives - but getting the kids involved and achieving such a great outcome are but two of them. B