Friday, March 18, 2011

kinetic sculpture Theo Jansen

This is Theo Jansen and he is amazing..
This is a complicated mind.of a genius.

Art and Engineering together  this clip is a detail of Theo's mechanics.

This is an amazing thing, I believe what he says of bridging the gap between art and engineering is the single most important key to finding the future of energy, and teaching this to students would be my dream...I am not an engineer but I sure would like to have a mind that could be so intricate. calculative..I guess?

Today I am thinking about whirligigs and waterwheels...I want to produce a sculpture that turns spins empties fills and moves all powered by the wind sun can I do this? where do you start?

look at other work and be inspired..steal ideas to make them your own...this is called appropriation...

now what is the main post? Is this thing having a central column? The outside could be a a horizontal pinwheel with many pinwheels moving in a circle?

I will do some drawing now.....keep watching this will evolve before your eyes...greg

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