Sunday, April 3, 2011

ok look this is what I am doing now..

This is the way I work.....balance...always work from the middle out...that is how the center is always the center...I think alot about air and water.... this is propeller and paddle or shovel scoop all that sort of thing..duality and metephor. coeexistence of all things to ponder do you


  1. far out the stuff is so natural not pretty life is chaos and order who is who? what are you tell me too.

  2. Is this the way you work or the way you look with the beard and hair off? As for me, I am just this bloke who fiddles with eternity via the art medium. Hows it going? The blogs looking good.

  3. hey i think it is coming the blogs have holes as i am still trying to get the ducks in a row...I am attempting to put music on the blog any help with that? will talk see me at the gallery on saturday nambour...opening the shop..freaks like us...what is your schedule like