Tuesday, April 26, 2011

simple rotation

This was in Chinchilla and thought this was important to look at from the standpoint of simple wheel turns over time and that has evidence on the rocks as they accumulate algae from the gray water evaporative process.

The state of affairs in the United States is more evident of crisis control and the age of history has seen repeat patterns as with the symptoms of Europe and the bank bail outs... all feeding the corporations and yet as we look numbly at the politicians in hopes they have answers to the complex problems across the board...we wait.,.. and of course who are they are out to satisfy?    They fulfill the requests of the power..not the people...................................yet.  Don't take my word on this  www.gregwindsorwrites.blogspot.com 
See Chomsky in his brilliance.

Another example of what can be possible for the rotation of a sketch of centrifugal force. Why am I interested in something so simple?

the cam, the movement of the circle,  the suggestion of just off center......asymmetrical these are my interests....

I am working on the whirligig as a simple foundation from this you get the high tech, and the building starts 

Reading "On Beauty" A History of a Western Idea
Umberto Eco
Incredible insight......really comprehensive study of what may or may not be considered beauty....and it covers heaps of painting and the plastic arts....good read..


  1. When, I was a kid we had a set of old encyclopedias that had lots of designs of old machines. The books were printed around 1870-1900, and were all black and white illustrations. There were wheels, spinnerets, levers, pulleys, belts, spirals and all sorts of odd inventions, designed for factory, farming or some other industry. It was all weird stuff, but at the time they were in use it must have the technology of the day.

  2. ya I have a book called the handy home and farm manual on things like how to build a chook pen and a windmill and the way you get old used oil cleaned of the carbon by using a fibre rope and a spring to soak the oil through the rope leaving the clean yellow oil not the black carbon...good stuff....