Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wind and Water a 3D sketch

The work in is in the gallery in Nambour called SCAIP.  It stands for Sunshine Coast Arts Industy Precinct.  It is a community gallery for the young and old, with many opportunities for the exploration of the arts.  It is a great idea to allow young artists to have access to the gallery and music facilities as well as promoting their work, and exploring alternative mediums, very hip and cool from this old blokes perspective.  Get in and see for yourself, Adam will assist you in what ever you can dream up!   contact the SCAIP gallery and get on facebook with the group. you can see the totem that is mounted on the outside of the shop.  It is carved from a good ole' aussie hardwood gumtree.  It is sealed with a polyurethane and stands out pretty good on the corner even my sister could see it from america.

This is from the Art Smelter a site by David Howard where he posts a review of works and have a look at the artists and their work...really nice presentation and informative...good stuff Dave. thanks and hope all is well

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