Monday, July 11, 2011

How do you work? systematic or sporadic

I think the creative energy that comes for me is more sporadic than systematic, and they  both compliment each other, the stage of inspiration turns into a system, even though some may say this system looks like chaos.....this is where explaining gets a bit tough, I look around to try and understand what I have at my disposal and use things at hand.  That means having less and making something simple or complex by fashioning the parts.  There is a bit more to it than putting stuff together, it begins with an idea, and then letting go of some of the force and let the naturals take precedence, that may look like chaos...well it is .....

I am now working on some things that are topical with spoons and the feather, the boat floats and the feather ...floats too, where these two meet is where the juice is.....thinking in wood....need a welder for some of the finer tuning instruments, mechanical and function..wish on a star....greg,   click on follow and keep a smile

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