Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Show coming up on November 3rd

 I think the creative energy that comes for me is more sporadic than systematic, and they both compliment each other, the stage of inspiration turns into a system, even though some may say this system looks like chaos.....this is where explaining gets a bit tough, I look around to try and understand what I have at my disposal and use things at hand.  I often question what the meaning of necesity and luxury is.  How to make something simple or complex by fashioning the parts, depending on the additive or subtractive method, challenges meaning and function.  There is a bit more to it than putting stuff together, it begins with an idea, and then letting go of some of the force and let the "naturals" take precedence, Control is optional....If that may look like chaos...well it is .....

"Flight of a Course"  200cm X 120cm X 80cm     wood & steel     2011

"Flight of a Course"  is a work that speaks about flight through the use of metephor with both feather and spoon form.  Inspiration comes from growing up in St.Louis and later in North Carolina. The airplane has impressed upon me at an early age.  Charles Lindbergh in St. Louis with his solo flight across the atlantic, and the Wright Brothers from the beginning with their epic suspension, are examples of fearlessness that future leaders of tommorrow seek.  As a sculptor the intuitive sense of balance is a tool of discovery as well as a practical element of constructing.  Assymetry is a subtle reminder of imperfection and the human condition and is evident in the distribution of weight leaning toward the spoon.
 Innovation and exploration are characteristics of all artists and must be supported through teaching students how to challenge outcome based learning, and favor inquiry based learning which inherently involves risk taking in education.  Without the challenge for failure, our future remains wrapped in cotton wool.  

Greg Windsor, BFA, MFA, Sculpture
Artist - Educator- Activist

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