Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wings in Flight Crate

Revisiting the time in North Carolina and the show at the Art Museum where I hung two birds above the orchestra that opened the event. It was a Juried show and what a thrill to be again in the spotlight. Looking forward to show in Australia maybe soon at the University Sunshine Coast.

Saw Harry Manx at the Woomby pub and talked to him afterwards about the video/slides to his song "Something of your Grace" and told him how I was inspired by his work. Really good to see him smile about teaching kids about failure and how it is so important to talk about these kinds of issues.

The crate was necessary because there seemed a hurricane every season that would land on the doorstep in Carolina.

Working on a new bird at the Mens' Shed Nambour and learning Auto Cad for teaching.

Hollow body and Ibis or again an egret to regret!  would be good to think about the Egyptians homage to the Ibis and contrast that against the Ibis over the Landfills that are dirty and thought of as a disgusting bird, wow, how strange because it is mirroring our disgusting wasteful ways....scavenger of long before that's us ? 
The whole Human Race...Racing off to the precipice of failure....broken and despot.

Thanks Harry for the smiles.
Thinking about the positive nature of art.

 Art is risk 

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