Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is the moment we have been waiting for and so without furry rabbits in the paddock we are now ready....
Big thanks goes out to all those who have worked on the collaboration.

This is a video that was compiled by me and shot by the students.  The origin of the work came froman inspirational piece of art by Nicholas Alquin.  The drawings initially were a deconstruction from the woodcarving then later changed to the new language which is a dialog of drawing ..searching for meaning between shapes and objects which tell a story, that is the narrative.  The Juggler is a work about balance and syncopation.  The whirligig component symbolises the sun and planets and is a talking point for the future of energy.

The drawings are stepping stones to The Juggler and is permanently installed on the grounds of the school.
SCAIP in Nambour is going to show my work and the new piece of sculpture is on its way...stay tuned

I just recently found this from Stephen Cornford

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  1. Good project - at last students in manual arts blocks creating something a bit on the wild side, with a bit more meaning than a bread box - but maybe not as functional.