Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jump up and run again

How much stuff is in my head right now....? I am working on a show for the latest installment at SCAIP called Take Aim with Mark O'Neil, finalising the work for the Noosa Regional Gallery, working on the ABC Open project with Cindy Wider filming the documentary called Artist by Artist, preparing also for the grant application awaiting approval for a public art works to be created at Glenview State School, as well as working with the blokes in the Men's Shed.  I have put my hand up for the Pechakucha presentations in June, as well as a workshop for Green Arts in August,  But that's not all, you get the complete set of Ginsue Steak Knives as a bonus..... 

Now this is going somewhere, in the gallery with an intent of charging the room.  The goal is to make the catapult hurl an object at a target and therefor must function at a high level.  The construction of the machine must be such that it does not stress too much under pressure, that includes the artist too.

Gerard Burke has helped in turning the wood for the hammer pin.  He has also fashioned a wind turbine out of wood that looks absolutely fantastic.  He has used camphor laurel wood with an oil finish.  We are going to perform an action in the gallery that will surely be surprising and fun.  

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  1. Well, I hope you guys are having a good time - it's good you have so much happening at the moment - keep it up!