Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Manic Day in Nambour
Look here I am in Nambour and as I find the gallery and Adam away for a lunch break and I start walking.  Stop by SCEC to see the hard working force that lies in the bunkers for the show to begin.  I am having a show, and Exhibition at the SCAIP in Nambour and It Is On Saturday , June 11 th At 6:00pm and It Will Be Dramatic..don't be late. It Won't Work.......

The show is called Take Aim and it is just what the title suggests, throwing things...come and vent your spleen and get a free hand wash,....all the players will be there and maybe a special guest appearance by some of the local celebrities so do not be late...this is a must be on time event.      blink and you'll miss it.

Staring the work of Mark O'Neil, Greg Windsor, and Gerard Burke, and thanks for the help of Peter Simpson  all sunshine coast artists.
A special thanks to Jim Walker from the Mary Valley Rattler for the loan of coal for the show at SCAIP Ground Zero Gallery for some good ole fashion spleen venting as the participants are encouraged to take aim with their views on political opinions and where the country is heading! anyone keen? see the show and have a laugh. thanks again JIM!

cbeck out the coal seam gas at

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  1. Sounds intriguing Greg! I have prior arrangements for Sat - hope it goes well.