Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding the balance between Man vs. Machine ...a night of improvisation

Ground Zero Playhouse presented

Take Aim
(man vs. machine) 
an improvised performance from the players and the audience.
The duality of farmer and coal executive
The children representing the future in dire straits
The executioner in medieval helmet representing the coal miner (jobs)

scenario pits the farmer against the corporation trespassing on the land, drilling and stripping the fertile soil bare, the children forced to uncover the truth on the wall revealing the damage for future generations and the coal miner forced to quit in the face of a corporation out of control.  
Whilst atop the soapbox, executioner proclaims "Enough is enough." and "Invest in a future all Australians want, one that is truly clean and sustainable through renewable energy production."

This could be the state of "Greed"  which country?
Seeking harmony in a cloud of greed and all those words the corporations know is happening, the voice of the future heard loudly from the children who helped out with the performance during the take aim show.  Thanks to all those who participated for the evening of theatre and drama.  A special thanks for Barry and Peter who played the duelling farmer and coal executive, they were more than I could direct ; a night of improvisation.

Thanks also to Adam, director of SCAIP, Krystal, Gav, Hamish, Ella, Saiitia, and Bruno(produced the type) and again the participation of community in the handling of coal. Well Done to all!      and Pete for saving the show at the beginning with the big bang tube theory.      
 we tried everything and he saved the day!


  1. http://rustnstuff.blogspot.com/ just ran across this as I was searching for some information on Andy Goldsworthys visit to start the installation of his sculpture at Connondale National Park as part of the Great Walks. It will be exciting to see as it becomes part of a growing legacy.

  2. Well done Greg, looks like it was a successful evening that was had by all. With a powerful message to boot.

    Re- Rustnstuff - Its a small blogging world - Barry is a fellow artist I know :-)

    And yes, it will be exciting to see Andy G work revealed, for sure!!!!

  3. Nice blog and well done too..Finally what did you conclude??Who is better.. man or machine..
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